Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Here we go ...

OK this is my first ever post, blog, whatever it's called. Bear with me a little.

Some minor things to get out of the way.

First, why am I doing this?

I need somewhere to rant, and I do not want to use my new foiled leather journal for that purpose.

On a slightly related matter, I happened upon someone's blog today (I hesitate to call her a 'friend'), and would you believe it, she was 'cussing me on the internet', as Beyonce would put it. Well, I suppose that's what you get for reading other people's mail. The Bible does say that you shouldn't listen too closely to other people's conversations 'lest thou hear thy servant curse thee' (Ecclesiastes 7.21, since you ask!). I was thinking whether to retaliate in this blog, but to quote Destiny's Child yet again, 'I'm better than that'.

Second, what do I intend to write about?

Everything. Well, not really. I mean, if there's an interesting debate by the IAEA on North Korea, you can come here safe in the knowledge that I will not be talking about it. Anything remotely 'science', I will not touch. I still haven't recovered from all those mind-numbing discussions about WMD. Although whether the whole WMD thing is 'science' or 'fiction' (or both), we will leave for the moment.

Expect politics. Expect rantings about taxation, over-regulation and crime. Expect a bit of the Bible thrown in to buttress my points (as in the eavesdropping example above). There may be humour, but I wouldn't make any heavy promises just yet.

NOTE if you like Michael Moore, do not come anywhere near here.

I suppose this is OK, as welcomes go.
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