Saturday, June 03, 2006

The Government in the dock

The family of Naomi Bryant, the woman who was killed by Anthony Rice, a dangerous rapist, have launched legal action against the Government.

You will remember that Rice, who was serving a life sentence for rape, was released on licence because the Parole Board feared that his human rights would be breached if he were not released.

I wish Naomi Bryant's family success in their lawsuit. Incidentally, they are bringing their action under the Human Rights Act 1998. Obviously, nothing will bring back Naomi Bryant, but perhaps the legal process and a hefty compensation bill will help focus the mind of the Executive on the following:

1) that decisions made in the abstract can have huge consequences on the lives of ordinary people;
2) that perhaps, not everyone is entitled to drink from the overflowing pool of 'human rights'; and
3) that they are ultimately accountable to the public for their policy decisions.

Let us hope they take note.
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