Thursday, October 19, 2006

Get back to work, Aishah - without the veil

Aishah Azmi has lost her claims for discrimination and harrassment against the school which suspended her for wearing the veil in the classroom. She however won her claim for victimisation. The Telegraph reports Azmi as saying:
'Sadly the intervention of ministers in my case (against the ministerial code) makes me fearful of the consequences for Muslim women in this country who want to work.'
The woman is mad. If she is as strict a muslim as she is claiming to be, she shouldn't be anywhere outside the house, and certainly not working. And what does she mean, she is 'fearful'? Whatever fear she has, it is nowhere near that which many in this country harbour towards her and her band of mad men. What exactly has she got to be 'fearful' about?

True, the minister involved (Phil Woolas) ought to have kept his trap shut until legal proceedings were over, but it is not Government ministers holding back women like Azmi from working in this country. She is being dishonest in making that claim. Aishah Azmi knows that the one obstacle to her advancing in British society is her religion. Either she is too cowardly to state this, or she is being cynically dishonest. It is her religion (or her interpretation of it) that required her to cover herself up in such a way that affected her ability to carry out her work. Phil Woolas is not responsible for the subjugation of muslim women in this society. For that, she should look to her men and the koran.

Aishah Azmi is no fool. She was canny enough to attend her job interview without the veil. And what happened on that day? Did the heavens cave in? Did lightning strike? She went out and returned home in one piece. When it suits her, she allows men to see her face. All this fuss has been in aid of an altogether more sinister end. Her aims, and those of her extremist brethren in our midst, are as transparent as anything. They picked this fight simply to stake some ground in the battle for the islamicisation of Britain. I expect there to be many more such attempts in the future. They must not be allowed to win this battle. Should that happen, it would signal the death of everything for which this country has stood over the centuries. This is a Christian country, and it should stay that way.
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Anonymous Tory Lady said...

Did you see her in her press conference, shrieking through her veil? The scene looked eerily familiar, until I realised that the only thing missing were two balaclavad men behind her holding rifles.

10:37 AM  
Blogger Londonview said...

I share your view that failure by muslims living here to adapt to Western norms like mode of dressing can be an impediment to their career.

2:25 PM  
Blogger Praguetory said...

I heard something about her being forced to wear the veil under a threat of violence from an imam.

10:54 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

tory lady u ignorant fukin jeww shuthafuk upppp the only men that need 2 b behind holdin 2 AK'S iss behind ur mutherfukin head 2 blow ur brains u pathetic ignorant fukk..

11:22 PM  
Anonymous Dale197 said...

lol i agree with you (Anonymous) some people are really ignorant and immature to say such pathetic things and such stereotypical thoughts, i have many muslim friends and colleages whom i work with and they all are really nice people.. these negative thoghts regarding muslims really comes down to pure ignorance what a shameee.

11:30 PM  

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