Monday, December 05, 2005

Let us pray

Apparently the Queen has refused permission for the Duchess of Cornwall to be mentioned by name in the state prayers for the Royal Family. These prayers are normally said in Church of England services. That ugly word 'morganatic' comes to mind, particularly bearing in mind that the late Diana, Pricess of Wales was mentioned in the prayers until her divorce from the Prince of Wales. The speculation is that the Queen is worried that including the Duchess in the prayers would upset church-going folk who frown upon the latter's adultery with the Prince of Wales which led to the collapse of both their marriages. Is that right? If that were the case, I would have thought that, given a list of people supposedly 'worthy of prayer', surely an adulterous old divorcee should come somewhere nearer the top? Whatever one might think of the Duchess of Cornwall, she is married to the future King of England, and should be given all the rights and benefits that go along with that. Yes, and that includes taking the title of Princess of Wales, and eventually, being crowned Queen.
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