Tuesday, June 06, 2006

An extremist muslim came to town today

Anjem Choudary is at it again. The obnoxious jihadist was polluting our airwaves this lunchtime. Asked for his views on last week's police raid, he made some dark comments about muslims being alienated. Kay Burley, the Sky News presenter asked him if he would inform the police if he had information about a terror plot. His reply? That he would not side with unbelievers (ie the police) over his muslim brothers. He said he would do everything he could to stop a terror attack, such as persuading the terrorist to put away his bombs, but ruled out reporting any suspects to the police. According to him, he doesn't condone terrorism against people in this country. Talk about equivocation. Burley then asked if he condemned the London bombings, and he predictably dodged the question by asking if she supported the killings of muslims in Iraq. If I remember right, this odious man is facing charges following the criminal anti-Danish cartoons protest. I would rather he saved his pathetic proclamations for the jury. Some of us have had quite enough.
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