Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Tory leadership: round 1 (results)

So our sources were right, after all. Kenneth Clarke got the fewest votes and has now been eliminated. It is widely expected that David Cameron will be the beneficiary as many of Clarke's supporters are expected to switch their support to him.

David Davis received fewer votes than expected, although he still topped the poll. David Cameron received more votes than expected, and it is clear that the momentum is with him. There is now talk of Liam Fox overtaking David Davis in the next round of voting. Fox's supporters are trying to get the right wing vote behind them by trying to convince Davis's supporters to switch to them. They are expected to argue that their candidate has a better chance than Davis to beat Cameron in the poll of the party members. I wouldn't rule out a surprise result after the next round of voting on Thursday, with David Cameron and Liam Fox going forward to face the party faithful.
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