Friday, November 04, 2005

Welcome to the Moon

When I heard of the decision of our venerable Home Secretary, Charles Clarke, to grant Reverend Moon, the cult leader, a visa to enter the UK, my initial reaction was one of shock. For very good reason, Michael Howard, when Home Secretary, had excluded this man from the country on the ground that his presence was not conducive to the public good. This decision was upheld as recently as 2003. So why the volte face by the Home Secretary? What has changed, so as now to allow this man into the country? Nothing has changed. Reverend Moon remains the same man he was back in the '90s when he was first excluded. He has not recanted any of his poisonous beliefs. Actually, I am wrong. Something has changed, but it is not Reverend Moon. The country has changed. Our politicians have changed. The world, I suppose, has changed. Now that the UK is powerless to deport terrorists to their country of origin, and has ceded powers over its own borders to an unaccountable federalist European Union monolith, we may as well throw open the doors and welcome in Moon. After all, in a country reportedly crawling with terrorist suspects and such other undesirables, what more harm can a deluded octogenerian cause?
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