Thursday, January 05, 2006

Charles Kennedy

I feel so sorry for Charles Kennedy. After months of muttering by his Party members, he has now come forward and admitted to alcoholism. The fact that at the last election, his party achieved their best election result in 83 years made no difference to the 'anonymous' MPs who had been briefing against him recently. Talk about ingratitude. The LibDems are desperate for fresh leadership to counter the Cameron onslaught, hence the renewed attack on Kennedy. In an attempt to cling on to his job, he has spoken of his alcoholism, declared his desire to continue leading the party, and called a leadership election. He is most likely counting on sympathy votes from the wider party, and this may well turn out to be. However, his party, long regarded as the decent, even if impractical, option to the two main parties, has dealt itself a blow. It has revealed itself capable of the nasty, backstabbing behaviour formerly associated with the other two parties. Also, it has failed to appreciate the unique role of Charles Kennedy in holding together both the Left and the Right of the party. The party that stands for low tax, high tax, liberal economics and over-regulation will soon find itself under the spotlight as it struggles, post-Kennedy to decide what side it is on. This should make interesting viewing.
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