Thursday, January 05, 2006

Here we go (again)

So a new year, and no doubt, new resolutions. I wondered whether I could give up ranting quite so much, but I think not. This blog will therefore continue in the same vein. I must confess, though, I have been avoiding the newspapers for the past few days. All in a bid to maintain my equanimity (for now, anyway). This has been really trying. I struggled to stay silent on the news that the Conservative Party has hired Bob Geldof to advise on its international development agenda. What the blue blazes does he know about anything? If the party were serious about this, they would bypass Sir Bob and instead consult the professionals and small businessmen from these countries they purport to care about. Sadly, in issues of this sort, it is only the secular self-serving morality of people like Geldof that seems to matter.

I also held my peace on the Government's plan to merge the country's police forces. However, that particular dam of declamation is about to burst its banks. Expect an article from me on this very soon. This creeping back-door regionalisation deserves comment and condemnation.

More later.
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