Thursday, June 08, 2006

Learning at the Prince's feet

Well done, Prince Charles, for doing something about the decline in the study of history and English in our schools.

The Prince of Wales has launched ‘The Prince’s Cambridge Programme for Teaching'. It is an educational charity, established to promote in-depth study of history and English. The charity will organise free courses and seminars for history and English teachers. The aim of these is to impart the Prince’s approach to teaching and studying those subjects.

I am thinking that the teachers will probably need more than that. Teachers who attended school after 1960 will most likely benefit from rudimentary classes in English grammar, as well as some good grounding lessons in history. This is because they are also victims of the sharp fall in educational standards over the past four decades. Perhaps, before discussing his preferred teaching methods, the Prince may wish to consider teaching the subject-matter.
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