Saturday, September 16, 2006

Benedict leaves them ranting

Another day of islamolunacy.

Just as well the Byzantine emperor who was quoted by the Pope has been dead for seven centuries. Who knows what would have become of him in the current climate?

Throughout the day, the news programmes have featured one incensed muslim after another, lining up to denounce the Pope. The last straw for me was the shrill-sounding Baroness Uddin. (Never mind all this, what I'd like to know is how she got into the House of Lords. My background reading reveals nothing exceptional as to qualify her for a title. If she could enlighten me as to her public service record, I would be grateful.)

I wonder which journalist will be brave enough to point out to these shrieking sheikhs (and Uddin) that the fist-shaking, effigy-burning, threats-spewing actions of their brother muslims are simply confirming the offending remarks over and over. As John East asked in the comments to my last post, don't these people get irony?

Apparently not.

To the charge of lacking irony, add those of illiteracy and ignorance. If they had troubled to read the Pope's speech in the first place, they would have seen that this is just a lot of fuss over nothing. But the thing is, the real problem is not the speech. The real problem is Christianity and western values. This was simply another opportunity to attack those values, and by Allah, they were damned if they were going to miss it.

Meanwhile, the Pope has expressed his regret that 'some passages of his speech may have sounded offensive to the sensibilities of some muslim believers'.

How is that for an apology? Obviously he felt he had to say something, but does not feel the need to apologise. My own preference was for him to stick the Catholic equivalent of two fingers at the mad mullahs, but I can live with this 'non-apology'. I am liking this Benedict fellow more and more each day.
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Blogger Mike said...

You're spot on again Bel.

It's like that cartoon fiasco. The things were published in Egypt ages ago long before all the fuss.

It seems that some sectors of the muslim community, like some sectors of every community, just can't wait to jump on the bandwagon.

The shameful thing is when we give these small minorities a huge platform by showing their antics on the news and such. The vast majority of muslims, I would say, were probably not offended at the Holy Father's speech.

What happened to freedom of speech?! What happened to being able to contribute to a debate?!

More and more I feel that our freedoms and liberties are being held to ransom by the small minorties. This is not just muslims, but chavs too who threaten our freedom to walk down our own street. It's deepest within the Labour Party's rule of the land; telling us what we can and can't eat and do.

The country, and probably the world in my view, is running from one so-called fiasco and crisis to the next, fuelled by story-hungry journalists and a reactionary society pandering to the needs and demands of a very small few.

Our response should not be to apologise, make excuses or change our behaviours, but to stand firm in our beliefs of freedom, justice and liberty.

Sorry for the mini-rant there, but it's another subject among many that really gets on my nerves.

10:32 AM  
Anonymous Ellee said...

You can understand from this how wars are started by fevered religious factions, nobody ever likes to admit they were in the wrong, to even forgive or turn a blind eye and make up for the sake of peace.

3:16 PM  
Anonymous janice battersby said...

They are not satisfied with the apology. Someone tell them to go fuck themselves.

4:51 PM  

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