Monday, September 04, 2006

Deliver us from heavy taxation

Janet Daley in the Telegraph writing about the unfairness of inheritance tax.

She highlights the story of the two sisters in their 80s, who are suing the Government for unfair discrimination. Had they been lesbians in a civil partnership, they would have been able to leave their assets to each other, free of inheritance tax. However, because they are sisters, the surviving sister will face an inheritance tax bill of 40 per cent on anything above the exemption threshold.

This story has been covered elsewhere, so I won't repeat the clear arguments in favour of abolishing this iniquitous tax.

Voices are being raised everywhere on the subject of tax. In the past week, we have had no fewer than five news stories on tax, specifically tax cuts. We are suffering under the increasing tax burden, and the Government has clamped its hands over its ears. Not surprising. This Government does not listen. We know that.

But what about the Opposition? George Osborne has spoken about abolishing stamp duty on shares and raising more green taxes to compensate for a cut in direct taxes. We know that policy detail is still some way off in the future, but could we at least get some reassurance that they have heard the cries of the British people. We need someone to give us hope that this burden will be lightened considerably. Who will deliver us from this grievous yoke? Is it too much to hope that the Conservatives can do this?
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Blogger John East said...

George Osborne is a typically out of touch Tory plonker. To offer to scrap stamp duty on shares is a gift to the socialist propagandists. They will pounce on this during an election campaign as evidence that the Tories are only out for the idle rich.

His promise of green taxes is even more stupidity. Global warming is happening, and it will happen come what may. Stealing vast amounts of extra cash to waste on the nanny state may win him votes from the intellectually challenged, but won’t reduce world temperatures by one jot, and will further reduce the wealth and the entrepreneurial spirit of the nation.

Lower taxes all round is the answer. Such an attack on the welfare state might even result in less consumption amongst the bureaucratic, apparatchik, chattering classes, many of whom may be forced to look for real jobs in the real world at realistic salaries.

This could benefit the environment in the long run more than confiscating wealth from someone who might have otherwise invested it wisely, and redistributing it to someone who will spend it on beer and fags.

Now that's off my chest, it's back to my holiday.

7:49 AM  
Blogger Bel said...

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4:01 PM  
Blogger Bel said...

Quite right, john east.

I am happy to read that the No Turning Back Group is calling on David Cameron to champion the moral case for tax cuts.

What's the betting he will ignore them?

For a man that seeks to keep in step with public opinion, David Cameron is woefully out of step with the public on this. Gone are the days when people accepted as cathecism the fallacy that tax cuts automatically meant cuts in public services. Nine years under New Labour have dealt a mortal blow to that way of thinking.

5:14 PM  
Blogger Praguetory said...

Also, inheritance tax is a silly place to start. If you're stupid enough that you arranged your affairs in such a way so as not to avoid it, you deserve to pay it for stupidity. Let's simplify by combining NI and PAYE and get the lower bands income tax rates down.

10:11 AM  

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