Wednesday, June 14, 2006

More Labour waffle on crime and sentencing

Following today's news that 53 people sentenced to life imprisonment since 2000 have already been set free, the Government have now decided to do something about our revolving-prison-door problem.

Are they going to drop the ludicrous sentencing guidelines that have caused some of the problems?

Are they heck. They are responding in the best way they know. Yes, you guessed it. Downing Street has announced that the Government will be 'bringing forward legislation' on sentencing.

As if we don't already have enough legislation. When will this bunch of ditherers get the point that the issue is not the absence of legislation? Rather, most of the time, it is to do with applying the laws we already have, and giving the judges more discretion in sentencing.

Expect more waffle in the days to come, and very little change.

UPDATE: Downing Street has now 'clarified' that the proposed changes need not include new legislation. That's a relief. So can we have some more detail on what exactly they propose to do? What about the simple option of unfettering the discretion of the judges?
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