Thursday, August 10, 2006

Terror and the usual suspects

We are being told that the Police have foiled a plot to blow up airlines in mid-air. We don't yet know the full story, but Deputy Commissioner Paul Stephenson from Scotland Yard was kind enough to provide more details. What I did not understand, however, was why he then spent some time 'reassuring' the public that this investigation was not an attack on 'communities' (for which read 'muslims'). Who gives a damn about that right now? We are just being told that this foiled plot would have led to 'mass murder on an unimaginable scale', and instead we have a senior policeman worrying about the sensitivities of 'communities'? It is one thing to appeal for help from the muslim community, quite another to pander to their sensitivities in this way. If there are terrorists in that community, they should be flushed out without the Police having to genuflect before the local imam. It is the duty of every citizen to assist the Police, irrespective of their 'community'.
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